The Webcomic List Q & A

Q= Who the hell are you

I'm just a crapy artist with a p.o.s. webcomic

Q= P.o.s?

Peace of shit

Q= thats spelled wrong Piece not peace, peace is for fucking hippies

Shutup and please frame your insults in the form of a question

Why did you curse the world with you webcomic

Alot of people on red vs blue
encoraged me that plus sheer bordom

Q= Did you waste your life watching anime

why yes, yes i did. Is it that ovious

Q=yes, and how long have you been drawing this crap

I started taking art seriously for only a while now but I have
been doodling instead of doing schoolwork for years now

Q=do you take requests(as if anyone would want one of you
shitty doodles)

Yes i do take reqest's for sketches and they are free!(for color
though you have to pay$$$) just mail me if you want one althoug
i t may take a while.

Q= why would anyone want a request, cause i hate to be the barrer of
bad news but do i put this, you kinda suck

I know T_T

Q=If you know you suck than why are you taking art seriously

Because im improving bit by bit and someday I hope to have a
manga contract

Q= yeah right

Excuse me!

Q=never mind....sooo why a manga with a real story why not somything funny

Because i'v always realy wanted to make a manga but as we both
no thats not happening to soon, so I'm doing this to improve my
manga-ka skills

Q=Why do you love anime so much

Dunno, probly because it conveys real human emotion or catgirls
everyone loves catgirls.

Q=When do you plan on ending this pathetic excuse for a comic

I dont see an end for this comic in the near future, but it
should at least make it to 500 pages

Q=why 500

just a guess

Q=well im out of questions

and im out of answers

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